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Introduction to Avee Player and Avee Player Templates

The buzz created around avee player and avee player templates is only due to the visualizer option available in it. By using this option we can create videos with lots of effects and we can also save the video to our gallery using the export option.

Avee Player Template Download Link

You might see your friends or family members’ whatsapp status videos with their photos, effects and background music. You may also think to create your own video for you, but worried about how to get started. Today in this article we will tell you how to create such type of videos with your photos.

If you already know how to edit videos using avee player and waiting for the template downloading link. Check the bottom of this article to download the latest avee player template from avee baba.

What is Avee Player?

It is a music player application with some special features that are not available in most of the music player apps. That is the reason avee player has got popularity compared to other music player apps. By name it indicates a music player app but it also works as a video creator app also.

By using the avee player templates we can easily create any video with wonderful effects.

What is Avee Player Template?

It is a file containing images, effects and behavior of particle movements in the form of .JSON format. The combination of .JSON files and images are saved as one file with .VIZ extension generally call it as avee player template.

I think now you clearly understand about avee player and avee player templates. So let’s get into the practical video editing with avee baba template.

As I said earlier we need avee player pro app to export the video which we had created. If you do not have the pro version you can download it for free from here.

Avee Player pro APK Download

How to use avee player pro?

After successfully installing the app on your device, open it and allow the required permissions. Then download the avee player template from the link below and load into it using load from file option.

Then click on the edit icon and choose any custom background image through the pick image option in the background or your image section.

Avee Template Download

The template which we are providing is fully ready made, you do not need to add any particles and effects. The only thing you need to change is background image if required. I hope you really like this template.

For more templates like this please check avee player templates provided by avee baba.


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