DJ Avee Player Template Download

Download the DJ avee player template to make your own DJ videos, By using this DJ lighting visualizer you can create amazing DJ videos with wonderful laser ligthing effects.

DJ Avee Player Template

More About Avee Player

What is Avee Player? Avee Player is an android application, used to listen to music offline. Avee player shows all mp3 files in your device in one place, so you can easily find your favorite songs to enjoy the music. But these features are available in all music players nowadays. What is the special feature that is available in it, to say avee player is a great music player?. The special feature that is available in avee player is the audio visualizer option. You change the visual of audio by using this app. There are lot of ready made visualizers are available on the internet for it.

By using avee player visualizer option you can make videos also, yes you can export audio visualizer as a video. To export video in avee player you need a pro version of it. if you do not have a pro version download it from the link provided below.

Download avee player pro

The above figure represents the preview image of avee player DJ templates. Download this ready made template from the link provided below.

Download Dj Avee Player Template

Click on the below button to download avee player DJ template. After successfully downloading the template, import it into avee music player pro. Then click on the edit icon to change the background image, you can also customize the colors and behavior


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