Earn Money by Playing Games in Gpay

Gpay or Tez released a new offer to there users, to make money by playing games on it. This new offer name is called tez shots, here there is a simple cricket game, you need to score well to get a scratch card. For different milestones, you will get a scratch card of worth up to 10000.

The game is very simple you need to tap on the bat when the ball comes. That is it if you score the first 100 runs you will get a card worth up to 50Rs. If you score higher runs you will get higher worth scratch cards.

The scratch card came with a lock by defualt, you need to unlock that scratch card by doing the task shown on it. The amount you got on the scratch card will credit into your linked bank account with it 24 hours.

If you do not have a bank account this offer is not applicable to you. To play the game click on the play button shown below.

Click Here to Play

This is a limited time offer

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